Tirion Forest – the land of the Noldor Elves

Namárië (Elvish: “Farewell”),

My Ladies & my Lords,

After many years of trusted and faithful service, we need to take a bow and bid you all farewell. What once was proud lands of the Noldor has been diminished to the forest of Tirion alone. You will still find Tirion Forest in Linden Lab's Second Life. Go there if you like and enjoy peaceful music, the forest and the builds.

We would like to thank all of you who have visited this website. Do not forget us, we will keep you in our prayers also. Farewell, dear supporters, friends, Noldor, countryelves, we hope we meet again one day, maybe at a different place and at a different time. (For any questions and comments, please contact randir(at)tirion-forest.com.)

Stay safe wherever you are. May your paths be green and golden always, and may the Light of the Valar always guide you on your paths under the stars.